Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


All those at Joel Gustafsson Consulting Limited are acutely aware of our collective responsibility towards other people, our communities, and our environment.

We are building services engineers and are driven by a passion for reducing the energy consumption and the environmental impact of the built environment. Our engineering designs and analyses deliver this in the real world, through meaningful reductions in carbon emissions and energy demand across the significant operational lifetime of our projects.

Our strategy is to grow and provide new work opportunities and technical training for those who often do not have career access to this technically specialised industry. We believe in the effective results offered by on-the-job training, especially in providing this opportunity for those who either do not have access to, or do not feel they fit, a traditional degree education pathway.

All our work is focused on minimising the consumption of energy, the use of material resources, and harm to the environment. Our design focus revolves around preserving and improving the quality of air, water and habitat, and the effects our projects have on these both locally, and far beyond. We strive to communicate, in our work, the wider and interlinked effects of bad design and energy intensive systems. We also take a very long view, over decades of service life, and the important compounded implications of good and bad decisions made today.

We also act to minimise the environmental and social cost of our operational activities by running an efficient and adaptable business system that uses no more energy, materials, resources, or time than are appropriate to delivering a high quality and responsive service to our clients.

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